What experts are hiding from you about SEO

You might have heard every expert telling you to put keywords in your content here and there and create backlinks. Some even suggest black hat methods like PBN (private blogging network). But they are just telling you some basics. These basics are good for starting out but not that effective in the long run. You must also be careful with spamming keywords in your content. Same goes for backlinks. You should not create a lot of backlinks from the same site.

Experts share only partial knowledge

Most of the so-called experts only share a fraction of information. They would tell you that keyword is important and it must appear multiple times in your content. But they will not tell you that keyword density must not exceed 3-4%. Google does not like keyword stuffing. But you cannot blame them. If they tell you everything, they will not be experts anymore, right?

What experts are hiding

Do you know what in your blog or website is important for SEO? The answer is - your content. Your content is more important than anything else when it comes to SEO. You can keep creating backlinks and generate traffic. If people are not spending much time on your webpage, your ranking would drop. So instead of generating traffic, you must focus on generating good content first. Traffic would follow once you are on the first page.

Hire an agency to help you out with the process

If you find creating high quality content hard, you can hire an agency to do the job for you. Price of SEO service[ราคา seo, which is the term in Thai] vary from agency to agency. Some may offer you a reasonable price while others may seem to offer similar services at a much cheaper rate.

Make sure to research about the agency before hiring them. Check their reviews. Go with the best one and SEO will not be that intimidating for you.

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