The Universal Law of Attraction - Turning Up the Volume

Can the universal law of attraction be made to work even more powerfully for us? If communicating our desires is sending thought energy into the universe, can we turn up the volume?

We know that we must clearly formulate our desires and that we have to communicate them to the universe. We understand that our thought energy will be increased and returned to us in the form of a manifestation of our desires. Powerful as positive thought is, contrary to what some people may believe, positive thought alone is not enough to turn your desires into your reality. You must believe that you will receive that which you have asked for.

To achieve success with the universal law of attraction, you must strengthen your faith by living in the future. By that I mean using your imagination to visualize already having the thing you desire. When you do that you must also attach strong positive emotions to having what you asked for. Positive emotions reinforce your faith that you will receive what you asked for and strengthen your desires.

As you vividly imagine already having received the thing you asked for be thankful for it. Endow your gratitude with strong positive emotions. In this way you will reinforce the positive energy you are sending out. In turn, that positive energy will be returned to you greatly amplified.

By harnessing the power of positive emotions when we visualize already having what asked for and when we express our gratitude to the universe for that which we have yet to receive we can "turn up the volume" on the universal law of attraction.

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