Internet Entrepreneur - How to Buy Domains For an Income

When it comes to buying domains, everything starts with the purchasing phase-the construction of the initial portfolio. There are many different ways to do it. Below, we'll consider four different ways:

1. Buy domains from the primary market in bulk. Many domain registrars will allow you to do this at a discount. You may be able to reduce the price by 30-40% by doing this. However, you may need to buy anywhere between 50 and 100 names.

2. Buy part of a portfolio from an existing domainer. In many cases, domainers will need to liquidate large parts of their portfolios in short periods of time, even if they are doing well. You should pay attention to these firesales, as domains are often sold in bulk below market price.

3. Buy domains after they "drop." This generally occurs after a long-time owner of a site goes out of business or decides that it is no longer worth it to keep the site. When the business does not re-register, the domain will "drop" and become visible as an available domain.

4. Look for leads on domain name forums. On it is common to discuss domain name sales and purchasing strategies. Look for tips about big, new sales; and use them to start your portfolio.

In addition to these four strategies for starting your portfolio, there are dozens of others.

The Best Websites to Buy Domain Names

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