How to Master Law of Attraction and Deliberately Create More of What You Want

The law of attraction gurus all teach that deliberately creating what you want in your life is simple: all you have to do is focus on what you want. By focusing your thoughts on what you want, you put yourself into vibrational alignment and emit a frequency of thought energy to the Universe which attracts a match. In this way you can attract the happiness, financial and spiritual abundance you want in your life.
Following this guidance, if you want to to master the art of law of attraction, the formula is simple:
Focus and attention only on where you intend to go.
Resolve to do so every day for 30 days.
Persist through the periods of doubt or fear that will inevitably arise.
Hold your thought on where you want to go, no matter how difficult.
Focus only on what you want. After 30 days, see what happens.
This is all very straight forward stuff. So why is it then, that most people fail when attempting to put this into practice? If it's really this simple, why do so few succeed?
While the principles of deliberate creation using law of attraction may be simple, they are clearly not easy. That's because to hold your attention on what you desire requires tremendous discipline of thought.
Studying the teachings of Wallace Wattles and his book The Science of Getting Rich provides some additional clues: It's hard work to stay focused on what you want regardless of present or past appearances.
"There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought."-- Wallace Wattles
Wattles nailed it in his book. We live in a world where you have been conditioned to react to what's before us. Most people, with very few exceptions, have forgotten how to choose their thoughts deliberately.
Focusing on what you want for more than a few seconds at a time is very hard work which requires strong mental focus. It requires a strong will to hold your attention on the prosperity you are looking to attract while the value of the stocks in your retirement account are plummeting, or while the price of gas is going through the roof, or while another unpaid bill sits in your mail box, or while your bank account sits empty. And yet, if you are to be successful at using law of attraction, you must discipline your mind to do exactly that. You must learn to discipline your mind in order to stay fixed upon where you are going rather than where you are (or where you have been).

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