Correct Sequencing Can Lead to a Strong, Integrated Brand

Entrepreneurs possess two characteristics that run counter to successful branding of their creations, whether business, product, service or event. Those characteristics are possessiveness and impatience. Together they may be valuable in creating energy to get a new business rolling, but they can also sabotage a fledgling brand before it takes wing. Their thinking goes, “I […]

The Top Ten Secrets to Mastering Your Personal Brand

What do Sir Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and Suze Orman all have in common? They have each built powerful personal brands that have propelled them to the top of their businesses, their careers, and their lives. How did they do it? Like other successful personal branders, they took the time to define, communicate, and protect […]

Five Components Required to Create a Personal Brand

In a previous article we discussed why every adult, regardless of age, should develop a personal brand. To recap, the three primary reasons are: 1. It separates you from others, and distinguishes you from the crowd. 2. It makes a promise to others that you have a strong foundation, that know who you are, and […]