Home Improvement Construction – Financing the Project

You have finalized the home improvement plan and selected your contractor; all you need now is to finance the project. If you are cash rich you can just finance it yourself paying cash as the project progresses, if not you can get an equity loan from the bank or a residential construction loan to finance […]

Procurement – 20 Questions That Can Prove to Finance the Worth of Procurement

The Procurement function often reports directly into the Finance Department. One issue Finance people often have is how to measure the performance of these Procurement people. Here are some questions that Finance executives can ask their Procurement staff to test whether or not they are getting value for money. What answers would you give? 1. […]

Lender Financing – One of the Secrets to Improve Success in Funding

During these difficult economic times, one constant complaint from CEOs and Owners of small and medium businesses is the difficulty they have in securing debt financing. Businesses that have been successful in securing funding often team with professionals (CFOs) to develop a Bank Proposal Package. A Bank Proposal package is not a business plan, rather […]

Debt Relief Grants From the Government to Get Your Finance Back in Line

It’s not so hard to understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed by debt. It’s that sinking feeling that nothing you can do will help you overcome the feeling of being enslaved to that monthly payment. Sometimes it feels like you will be able to feel free of debt again. Debt relief grants from […]

How Teenagers Which Download Free Music Ringtones Have Created a Whole New Cell Phone Industry

If you have used a cell phone, then you probably have heard of how free music ringtones have become very popular among most people, specially teenagers. A ringtone is just the sound of an incoming call, in a regular phone the ringtone is a pair of bells, but ringtones have become more sophisticated and personalized […]

The Eyes and Ears of the US Venture Capital Industry

The Venture Capital Industry in the United States has gone a long way since it was officially given the license to finance any entrepreneurial interest of any individual, or organization through the implementation of the Small Business Investment Act (SBI) in 1958 that granted the U.S. Small Business Investment Administration (SBIA) a licensing authority to […]

How To Make A Fortune Promoting Music Industry Affiliate Programs

The music industry is rapidly moving online. People are finally discovering the amazing power of the internet to collaborate with talent around the world and easily go from unheard of and unsigned into having a loyal fan base of tens of thousands! This has opened up a huge opportunity to cash-in. Everybody in the music […]

Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

Locating and understanding information regarding Internet marketing success is somehow a dilemma. Aside from the fact that there are too many things to learn, you also get to encounter a lot of information that has no real value. Choosing and segregating all that data cannot easily be achieved. Studying about SEO is entirely different from […]

How to Master Law of Attraction and Deliberately Create More of What You Want

The law of attraction gurus all teach that deliberately creating what you want in your life is simple: all you have to do is focus on what you want. By focusing your thoughts on what you want, you put yourself into vibrational alignment and emit a frequency of thought energy to the Universe which attracts […]